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About Anand Doctor

Anand Doctor is the Founder of FinCare

Anand has received his B.Com. and MBA[MMS] degrees from the University of Mumbai through reputed colleges. He also holds several certifications from the National Stock Exchange's NISM platform.

An avid long term investor since an early age, he entered the Indian financial services space in 2005. Having worked in India's premier brokerages as well as Indian and MNC banks in the Portfolio Management and Wealth Advisory segments, he is well versed with a broad range of financial products and services.

However, institutional imperatives are not always aligned to the clients' best interests and he wanted to be able to do more for his clients.   ​


To freely serve his clients in an ethical and optimal manner, Anand founded FinCare - his own independent financial services firm.

At FinCare, the focus is not on transactions but on providing the optimal solutions to help clients make their lives easier, stress-free, happier, and successful. 

Personal care is assured and lifelong relationships are cherished! 

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